Marchesin & Co. Lawyers offer plain-English advice to builders and home owners. 

Our expertise in construction and commercial law matters takes the fright out of your problems and replaces it with fight!  Our services are listed below:

Building & Construction Law

You need the right advice before you sign a building contract, for any type of project, whether you’re a homeowner or contractor. What builders say and what the contract says are often different. Before you sign, it’s worthwhile consulting with us to make sure you avoid common pitfalls such as front-end loading, and contract types that are more favourable to one party over the other.

If you come to us after you have signed a contract, we will take the time to explain the pertinent clauses, what they mean for you, and workshop your options.

Litigation is always the last resort.

Building and construction law services:

  • Reviewing contracts on behalf of owners, contractors and sub-contractors
  • Contract types and amendments
  • VMIA claims
  • VCAT litigation

Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation is a contentious area because often lawyers are the biggest winners.

By engaging experienced counsel and giving plain English advice, we will provide you with the best possible understanding of what your chances of success are in reality. It’s important to understand when to walk away, when to dig in, and when to fight harder.

We act in Supreme Court matters, County Court matters as well as VCAT and Magistrates’ Court matters.

Commercial litigation services:

  • Contract disputes
  • Setting aside Statutory Demands
  • Garnishee Orders
  • Principal and sub-contractor disputes
  • Property litigation

Property and Conveyancing

Contact Marchesin & Co Lawyers for peace of mind when buying, selling or leasing commercial or residential property.

Power of Attorney

Marchesin & Co Lawyers can you help you plan for your future by putting in place an appropriate Power of Attorney to act on your behalf in a legal capacity should you temporarily or permanently lose capacity to make decisions due to accident, age or illness.

Wills & Estates

Marchesin & Co Lawyers will work with you to draft your will based on your personal circumstances and wishes for the administration of your estate. We also work with Executors when the time comes to obtain Probate and distribute assets in accordance with an individual’s final Will.